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Anna Kournikova

     Anna Kournikova has the most popular belly button in the sports world.  Fans show up hours before her matches just to look at it.  A lot of these old, crusty, less attractive tennis players are jealous of Anna's success.  They're probably just mad because they can't get a date with her.  I'm sure that Anna won't let that bother her because she knows the power of her belly button.

Anna is ranked 10th on the WTA Tour  - November 13, 2000

Tournament Wins:
ITF - Midland, Michigan - 1996
ITF - Rockford, Illinois - 1996


Anna Kournikova - photo 1
Anna Kournikova - photo 2
Anna Kournikova - photo3
Anna Kournikova

Belly Button Bonanza